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Wild Apes! A collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain

Ape Mania is here! Are you ready for the wildest apez NFT collection?



When we created Wild Apez we created what we believe is an ‘emotion’. Every Wild Ape that you can collect is distinctive and special in its own way. This is an NFT that you can associate yourself with.

Wild Apez is a collection created with you in mind. We understand that owning an NFT is something that must not only have an incremental value but something we can also relate too in our daily lives.


Each Wild Ape NFT has different traits and attributes making them unique. If you’re the casual, sporty, career focused or simply someone in between, we’ve created an NFT Collection that is made for you.

We’ve meticulously spent time focusing on THE ART & beauty of every detail ensuring that every APEZ has a unique set of traits that you can relate too.


What is NFT?

The term NFT stands for non-fungible token which is a slang word for a unique and one of a kind item. NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that denote the right to sell or trade an accompanying asset such as a digital collectible or artwork. Think of Mona Lisa painting but on steroids.

How was WildApez created?

It was born after we believed there was a gap in the NFT collectors space for something wild, Every single wild ape was created with extreme detail and precision.

What are the benefits of holding a WildApez NFT?

Owning our Wild Ape NFT will give you exclusive membership rights. You will be a part of a powerful NFT community. If you own at least one of our NFTs you will have full commercial rights! Feel free to print it, distribute it, show off or make money by flipping your unique NFT.  Wild Apez supply will be only 8888! No more will be produced.

What do I do with my WildApez NFT?​

Once you get your Wild Ape NFT you will be able to trade it on OpenSea, LooksRare or any other NFT secondary market. It identifies you with proof of ownership on the Blockchain, and at the end of the day it is a digital asset. You can do whatever you wish. use it for your social media profiles, cover photos, or quite simply, keep it as a memento that defines you.

How unique are WildApez?​

Each ape NFT was randomly generated from a collection of hand drawn items based on a layering system. WildApez consist of over 250 traits, with some traits more rare than others. WildApez Club NFT is completely unique.

WildApez mint cost?

Public sale is to be announced. Price (TBA). *due to ETH price fluctuations, these current quoted ETH amounts are subject to change to keep it fair for everyone.

Can I mint on my phone?

Yes, you just need to download the official Metamask or Coinbase app on the App Store or Google Play store, then go to (TBA) our mint application from the browser search within the metamask app to connect your wallet, then you can mint!

When will WildApez launch?

WildApez is set to launch on (TBA) for pre-sale. Public mint date TBA.

How do I know if I have Rare NFT?

After the mining finishes we will get listed on most of the majors rarity platforms, where you will be able to check your rarity score based on traits and different attributes your NFT has.


WildApez is the brainchild of 3 individuals with one common goal. To drive a unique concept in the NFT space as a team & inspire NFT collectors to get WILD!

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Welcome Early Apez!! Our apez are working hard to get the collection all polished up and cannot wait to share our wild plan for the nft space. The Wild Apez are coming! stay tuned more details to follow soon…